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The 2003 Seattle Yee Fung Toy Picnic Invitation

The Amy Yee Celebration Invitation
Sept 15, 2002

Family, community most important to Amy Wong.

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NorthWest Asian Weekly.  October 14 - October 20, 2000.

Services for Amy Yee

There will be a graveside service Saturday August 19 at 10:30am at the Lakeview Cemetery (206-322-1582). Funeral arrangements are being handled by the Bellevue Funeral Home (425-747-6240). There will be a memorial service on Saturday August 19 1pm at the Seattle Tennis Center on Martin L. King Way just north of McClellan St.

You can see what the Seattle Times had to say about Amy Yee here

Special Announcements
(From Seattle Yee Fung Toy Association)

Seattle Yee's visit Canada

Seattle Yee Participated in the 13th Canadian Yee Fung Toy Society Convention
Submitted by Fred Yee

About ten Seattle area Yees attended the 13th Canadian Yee Fung toy Convention in Vancouver B.C. from July 1- July 3. The 3-day convention was full of was a great success, allowing Yees from all over Canada and the

United States the opportunity to share ideas and give support to each other. Besides the Seattle Yees, U.S. Yees from as far away as Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago and Salt Lake City were also present.

See the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Picnic

Canadian Yee Fung Toy Association Anniversary

The Canadian Yee Fung Toy Association celebrated their 95th Anniversary on June 12th 1999. Fred Yee, along with five (5) others, represented the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Association at this event. The celebration started with a ceremony at the association headquarters in Vancouver, BC's Chinatown. Following the ceremony a banquet was held a the Floata Resturant. The banquet was a huge success with over 300 guests in attendance. Members of the Vancouver Yee Fung Toy Alumni Association performed at the banquet with exihibitions of singing and dancing. In addition, there was a lion dance and martial arts demonstration performed by the Vancouver Yee Association youths. Finally many of the members were encouraged to participate in Karaoke (Japanese "sing-a-long") later that evening.

The Seattle Yee Picnic is scheduled for August 1, 1999 Noon - 3:00pm

NEW -- Two (2) Tennis courts have been reserved and Gordy Yee will be hosting a Tennis Clinic.
For more information email Fred Yee at samhui@aol.com

1999 Scholarship applications are due by July 18th, 1999

For further information please see the Seattle Picnic Information & Directions page, there is also a chinese version

1998 Scholarship Winners

A New Year's Visit To Vancouver

On April 3rd 1999, Seattle Yee Family Association representatives James Yee and Fred Yee, along with their spouses, attended a New Year's Banquet sponsored by the Vancouver branch of the Canadian Yee Fung Toy. The banquet was held at the Floata Restaurant in Vancouver B.C. Among the many programs during the banquet was a special recognition ceremony for the appointment of Mr. Bill Yee, attorney and current Canadian Yee Fung Toy Association President, as one of the Queens Counsel. You can read the full news release about the appointment here

Seattle Yee's Picnic Recap (chinese version)

The Seattle Yee Fung Toy Association held its 1999 annual picnic at Woodland Park on August 1.

This year's picnic was a particular memorable one. First, there were over 145 Yee family members in attendance, most of which came from the Seattle area to participate.

Second, we had the honor of having 24 Yees and friends who came down from Vancouver, B.C. to join us. Third, thanks to the hard work of Aunt Amy and cousins, Gordon, Gary and Jeannie, we were able to offer our first Yee picnic tennis clinic to over 15 children and teenagers at the Lower Woodland tennis courts from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The clinic was a tremendous opportunity for our youngsters who wanted to pick up valuable tips and pointers from the true tennis experts.

As usual, the food at the picnic was wonderful. Thanks to Suey and Linda and all the others who organized the ordering, delivery, and serving of the food for the picnic. The highlight of the picnic was the announcement of scholarship moneys to our Yee children and the drawing of door prizes. Uncle James served as the master of ceremony for the picnic. The weather cooperated with very sunny and mild condition throughout the day. After the picnic, Fred Yee served as the "tour guide" for the Vancouver Yees, leading them to visit Chinatown, the Great Wall Shopping Plza in Kent and the Supermall in Auburn. The day ended with 4 tables of people enjoying a wonderfully delicious dinner hosted by the Seattle Yees at the Hong's Garden Restaurant in Renton.

What a wonderful time to share among the Yee clan. We all look forward to having our next annual picnic in the year 2000.

Pictures from the Picnic