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Seattle YFT 2024 Spring Banquet

二零二四年龍年舍路余風采堂春宴鼎峰海鮮酒家,西雅圖余風采堂具組織喺鼎豐海鮮餐廳舉辦咗一年一度嘅春宴。 活動非常成功,每位與會者都度過了愉快的時光,品嚐著美味的食物,同時與老朋友敘舊,留下了新的回 憶。
2024 Year of the dragon , The Seattle Yee Fung Toy Association held their annual spring banquet at Ding Feng Seafood Restaurant on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The event was a success and everyone in attendance had an enjoyable time savoring delicious food while catching up with old friends and making new memories.


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