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Yee Fung Toy Mo Kai Association Historic Sign

On Monday, January 29, President Kevin Lee and Treasurer Yao Dong Yu Cleaned and Repaired of our historic 余風采武漢公所 Yee Fung Toy Mo Kai Association sign preparing to move it to our new home 🏠.


Preparing For the Seattle YFT New Building Grand Opening











On Monday, April 10, Seattle YFT members Kevin Lee, Yao Dong Yu, Warren Yee, Steven D Yee, and Peter Yu, spent Sunday morning hanging out historical association signs and artworks and spent time setting up the ancestors alter worship hall and meeting room of the new association building.

On Saturday, April 15, 舍路余風采堂 Seattle YFT preparing for our grand opening celebration and evening gala banquet, thank to our Yee cousins who have sent tributes and will be attending our celebration we appreciate all your support.


Seattle YFT New Building Grand Opening


On Behalf of the Seattle YFT Family Association, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members and guests who were able to attend the Seattle YFT Grand Opening celebration Ribbon cutting ceremony, Ancestor Veneration Ceremony and the 2023 Spring Banquet on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

舍路余風采堂 余紹江主席

Congratulations to All the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Scholarship Recipients

Seattle Yee Fung Toy Open House Student Scholarship awards was held on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at the Seattle YFT location.

Congratulations to all the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Scholarship recipients, delicious Food, lucky raffle prizes were enjoyed by members and our guest Chong Wa President Mei Jui Lin, President Ma Tang Ho representing the Seattle Mar Association Hop Sing Tong, former Seattle city council / former King County Council member Jan Drago and her husband Noel, VP Lee Family association Susan Lee Woo.


Annual Seattle Yee Fung Toy Holiday Party & Election







On Saturday, December 23rd, the Seattle YFT Hosted their first holiday party in the new associations building, good time for fellowship, good food and celebrating the winter solstice together.


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