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顧問 樹湛、士晃、碩正、海量、家樂、汝深。
正主席 紹江。
副主席: 碩正。
中文書記: 傑鋒、永鏇。
西文書記: 仲鵬、暢汶、鉅榮。
財政: 耀東、偉剛。
核數: 衛民、利民、國豪、暢汶。
評議長: 永昌、耀青、一蘭。
代表: 家樂、健城、適儀、麗嫦。
婦女部:  樹湛夫人、海量夫人、緒宏夫人、汝深夫人、
中華會館代表: 海量、汝深。

2018 Seattle Yee Family Association Officers

U.S. Grand Advisor:  James Yee, Fred Yee
Advisors:  James Yee, Suey Yee, Shek Jing Yee, Fred Yee, Hing Ng, De Sum Yee
President:  Kevin Lee
Vice President:  Shek Jing Yee
Chinese Secretary: Jie Feng Yu, Wing Shuen Yee
English Secretary: John Yee, Warren Yee, Tim Lee
Representative to Chong Wa:   Fred Yee, De Sum Yee
Treasurer:  Yao Dong Yu, John Yii
Auditor: Wai Man Yee, Raymond Wah, Kwok Ho Yee, Warren Yee
Women Auxiliary: Jenny Yee, Clara Cheung Yee, Mrs. Shui Wan Yee, Mrs. De Sum Yee, Linda Yee, Ye Yu Su Ping, Helen Chinn, Louise Wong



Seattle YFT President Kevin Lee 余紹江 elected to be President of the Seattle Chong Wa Benevolent Association.



Seattle Yees Attended the 2018 Chinatown Associations Luncheon



Members of the Seattle YFT Association attended the Chong Wa Traditional Chinese Family Associations Chinese New Year Luncheon on Sunday, February 18, 2018. Over 200 community leaders and members attended. Seattle YFT President Kevin LEE also serves as current President of Seattle Chong Wa Benevolent Association.

Fred Yee

2018 Seattle YFT Spring Banquet



Seattle YFT hosted a spring banquet for its members at the Renton Seafood Restaurant on Thursday, March 15th.

The festivities we opened with Seattle YFT President giving a welcome speech and wishing everyone present a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Grand Advisor Fred Yee gave an update of our rebuilding efforts, and project manager Dennis Su and wife Millie were able to join the Yee’s to celebrate the new year together.

The delicious meal prepared by Seattle YFT Vice President and his staff.

President Kevin Lee had to leave early to preside over the Chong Wa Benevolent Associations monthly meeting.

The festivities include karaoke entertainment provide by YFT members. We hope in the future to host a community spring banquet and to invite our Yee cousins to help Seattle YFT celebrate our new Seattle YFT building headquarters.

Kevin Lee

Seattle YFT Members Attended the 114th Anniversary of the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada Spring Banquet




Seattle Yee Fung Toy President Kevin Lee, YFT Grand Advisor Fred Yee, senior YFT Advisor Suey Yee, and senior YFT Advisor De Sum Yee led a delegation of 10 members to attend the 114th anniversary of the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada Spring Banquet on Sunday, March 18th.

President Kevin Lee and his aunties Boy King, Marcella, and member Gui Lien, attended the ancestor ceremony at noon at the YFT society of Canada headquarters on Georgia street in Vancouver’s Chinatown and were warmly welcomed by YFT Society of Canada Grand President Kan Yu, and all the society members present as well as the Mah’s and the Tse’s who joined in honoring our ancestor Yee Chung Sheng.

After attending the Ji Zu (祭祖) ceremony, we were treated to a delicious buffet luncheon at the society’s headquarters.

The Seattle YFT members then took advantage of the great shopping opportunities in Vancouver’s Chinatown and purchased bakery goods, Barbecued meats and dried Seafood that we can’t find in Seattle.

At 6:00 pm after the shopping spree the 10 Seattle YFT members attended the 114th anniversary YFT society of Canada spring banquet at Floata Seafood Restaurant.

The Mah society’s athletic club along with several young YFT members gave a impressive lion dance performance to greet the audience and wish us luck, good health, and prosperity for the new year.

The greetings and speeches were followed by a sumptuous banquet and fun filled evening of karaoke and kinship pride.

Kevin Lee

Yee Fung Toy Family Association Headquarters Spring Banquet









U.S. YFT Grand Advisor Fred Yee and wife Clara attended the Spring Banquet celebration from March 23/March 25 in San Francisco. Fred also attended the Upper Level meeting on March 24. Seattle YFT VP Shek Jing Yee also attended part of the meeting. Among the many discussion topics was the rebuilding plan for the fire damaged Seattle YFT building on Seattle’s Beacon Hill.

The Spring Banquet was held at New Asia Restaurant with almost a thousand guests attending. The dinner was attended by many political figures and governmental officers, There were also karaoke singing late entrance,

Fred Yee

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