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Yee Fung Toy Family Association Headquarters Spring Banquet




The 2017 U.S.YFT senior leadership meeting and Spring Banquet was held on March 11 and March 13, 2017.

From Seattle, Grand Advisor James Yee and Grand Advisor Fred Yee (wife Clara) attended this annual event.

The senior leadership was successfully held on March 11. The Spring Banquet was held at two restaurants, New Asia 新亞洲 and Peninsula Seafood 半島 Restaurant with over 100 tables.

Many political and community dignitaries were in attendance. U. S. Yee Fung Toy Chapters attended include Boston/New England, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Stockton, Sacramento and Phoenix.

Photos courtesy of Kenny Yee of Southern California.

Fred Yee





舍路余風采堂代表包括紹江主席, 士晃顧問,汝深顧問伉儷,耀東財政伉儷,於四月二日(星期日) 二零一七年,一起前往霍利魯德墓園
(Holyrood Cemetery)、湖 景墓園 (Lake View Cemetery)、萬年青 - 華秀麗墓園 ( Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery) 及 萬柏墓園 (Mt. Pleasant) 拜祭及獻花致敬舍路余氏先人。

Several members of the Seattle YFT Family Association observed Ching Ming in visiting cemeteries around the Seattle-King County area.

Members participated in the April 2, 2017 visits included Kevin Lee, President, Mr and Mrs De Sum Yee, Advisor, Suey Yee, Advisor, Mr. and Mrs. Yao Dong Yu, Treasurer, and Other Yee members.

Cemeteries visited included Evergreen Washelli, Lakeview, Hollyrood and Mt. Pleasant Queen Anne Hill.

Kevin Lee

Inauguration of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Presiding President


The Yee Fung Toy Family Association of USA HQ advisor William Yu(余武良), current Hop Wo Benevolent Association ( 合和總會館)President, will serve as the Presiding President of CCBA (美國中華會館總董)for the month of July and August of 2017.

A full house audience witnessed his inauguration ceremony which was held on July 2 at the CCBA. Congratulations William!

Fred Yee, U.S. YFT Grand Advisor from Seattle, attended this inauguration ceremony along with Frank Yee, East Grand President from New York, Kenneth Yee East vice Grand President from Boston, YFT leaders from Stockton, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

The evening Banquet was held at New Asia, attended by over 700 guests including elected state and city officials, representatives and members from US YFT, other family associations and community organizations, friends and relatives.

For over 160 years, CCBA has stood the test of time, serving and helping the Chinese community.

Fred Yee

Seattle Chinatown-International District Seafair Parade

Seattle YFT Family Association was one of the 16 Traditional Family Associations, under the auspice of Seattle Chong WA Benevolent Association, matched in the annual Seafair Parade in Chinatown on Sunday, July 23, 2017.

Kevin Lee, Seattle YFT President and Seattle Chong WA English Secretary, was the main coordinator for the Chong WA group.

Fred Yee, Grand Advisor for the US YFT Family Association, also participated and was responsible for holding the YFT Parade sign.Thousands of people lined up South King Street and South Weller Street to watch this popular community event.

Fred Yee

Uncle James S. Yee 90th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, August 5th, members of the Seattle YFT Family Association joined over 100 friends, relatives and church brothers and sisters at the Seattle Chinese Baptist Church to celebrate Uncle James Yee's 90th Birthday Celebration.

Among the attendees included uncle Hing, Suey Yee & wife Linda, Fred Yee & wife Clara, Sinclair Yee & wife Gennie, Kevin Lee, Seattle YFT President, Warren Yee & mother Sally Yee and from LA, Kenny and Phyllis Yee.

Photos courtesy of Warren Yee, Kevin Lee and Fred Yee.

Fred Yee

Seattle YFT Annual Picnic and Dinner

Over 120 Seattle YFT members and friends attended the 63rd Annual Picnic on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at Woodland Park picnic area #3. Attending the Picnic included U.S. YFT Western Grand President Eddie Yee and his wife Carina, from San Francisco; Kenny Yee and Phillis Yee from Los Angeles and over 30 family members who were in town for the 90th Birthday Celebration of Grand Advisor James Yee.

Nineteen students received scholarship awards and many of those at the picnic received prizes from the lucky drawing. In the evening, about 22 Yee members attended a welcome dinner for Eddie & Carina Yee at Renton Seafood Restaurant.

Photos courtesy of Steven D. Yee and Fred Yee.

Fred Yee

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