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顧問 樹湛、士晃、碩正、海量、家樂、汝深。
正主席 紹江。
副主席: 碩正。
中文書記: 傑鋒、永鏇。
西文書記: 仲鵬、暢文、鉅榮。
財政: 耀東、偉剛。
核數: 衛民、利民、國豪、暢文。
評議長: 永昌、耀青、一蘭。
代表: 家樂、健城、適儀、麗嫦。
婦女部:  樹湛夫人、海量夫人、緒宏夫人、汝深夫人、
中華會館代表: 海量、汝深。

2016 Seattle Yee Family Association Officers

U.S. Grand Advisor:  James Yee, Fred Yee
Advisors:  James Yee, Suey Yee, Shek Jing Yee, Fred Yee, Hing Ng, De Sum Yee
President:  Kevin Lee
Vice President:  Shek Jing Yee
Chinese Secretary: Jie Feng Yu, Wing Shuen Yee
English Secretary: John Yee, Warren Yee, Tim Lee
Representative to Chong Wa:   Fred Yee, De Sum Yee
Treasurer:  Yao Dong Yu, John Yii
Auditor: Wai Man Yee, Raymond Wah, Kwok Ho Yee, Warren Yee
Women Auxiliary: Jenny Yee, Clara Cheung Yee, Mrs. Shui Wan Yee, Mrs. De Sum Yee, Linda Yee, Mei Yee, Helen Chinn, Louise Wong


Seattle Yees Attended the 2016 Chinatown Associations Luncheon



About 10 members of the Seattle YFT Family Association attended the 2016 Chinatown Associations Luncheon hosted by the Chong Wa Benevolent Association of Seattle.

About 15 traditional Chinatown associations participated with about 150 individual participants.

Chong Wa hosted the event to promote better communication and collaborations among the Chinatown traditional associations.

Seattle YFT President Kevin Lee serves as the English Secretary for Seattle Chong Wa and Fred Yee, U.S.YFT Grand Advisor is a member of the Chong Wa Honorary Community Advisors.

Fred Yee

Director Yen 顏國裕 of the Seattle TECO Taipei Cultural Center visited the Seattle YFT

During the Chinese New Year of the Monkey, Director Yen of the Seattle TECO Taipei Cultural Center, visited the Seattle Office of the YFT Family Association.

On hand to welcome Director Yen were Fred Yee, U.S. Yee Grand Advisor, De Sum Yee and Suey Yee, Seattle Chapter Advisors.

Director Yen reported to his post in early January 2016.

Fred Yee

2016 Seattle Spring Banquet






The Seattle Yee Fung Toy Family Association ancestor ceremony was held at noon at the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Family Association Hall on March 5, 2016, among the guests attended were U.S. YFT Western Grand President Eddie Yee and his wife Carina.

About 180 individuals attended the evening Seattle YFT Family Association 2016 Spring Banquet which was held at the Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant in Seattle. VIP guests included: Eddie Yee, U.S. West YFT Grand President, and his wife Carina, from San Francisco, Mr. Ping Sheung Yee and Mr. Martin Yee, and their wife's, Seattle TECO Director Andy Chin, Deputy Director Chen-Chi Wu, Seattle TECO Cultural a Center Director Kuo-Yu Yen.

In addition, representatives from over 20 local Chinese community organizations also attended.

Beautiful singing performances by dear friends of Fred Yee, U.S. YFT Grand Advisor, created an high energy setting at the banquet.

Shek Jing Yee, Seattle Chapter Vice-president and Silvia Yu were MCs for the evening. The event was the first ever community spring banquet held by the Seattle YFT in 70 years.

Fred Yee

Seattle Yees Attending 2016 Canada YFT Spring Banquet


Six members of the Seattle YFT Family Association attended the March 19, 2016 112th Anniversary and Spring Banquet held at the Floata Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Kevin Lee, President of the Seattle YFT offered the congratulatory greetings and also entertained the audience by singing a karaoke song “The moon represents my heart” in Mandarin.

In addition to Kevin, among those attended included Warren Yee, Chapter English Secretary, Chapter Advisor Suey Yee, his wife Linda Yee and Chapter members Janet and Marcella Lee. The banquet was attended by over four hundred community representatives and guests. Esther Yue was the master ceremony of this successful event.

Kevin Lee

Yee Fung Toy Family Association Headquarters Spring Banquet





James Yee and Fred Yee (wife Clara), U.S. Grand Advisors for the YFT Family Association of the U. S. attended the 2016 Spring Banquet and Senior Management meeting on March 19 & 20 in Francisco.

The meeting was attended by the U.S. Grand and Vice Grand Presidents Frank Yee (East), Kenneth Yee, (East), Eddie Yee (West), David Yee (West), Grand Elders, Grand Advisors and President and Vice President of the YFT Headquarters, Sherman Yu and Kin Fung Yee.

The spring banquet was held at New Asia and Peninsula Restaurants with over 1,000 guests. Many city, county and state elected officials attended the banquet along with numerous representatives from local community and family associations.

The atmosphere was festive and the food was great. Thank you YFT HQs for a wonderful host and presented a very successful event.

Fred Yee


舍路余風采堂代表包括紹江主席,士晃顧問,汝深顧問伉儷,耀東財政伉儷, 余暢汶英文秘書於三月二十日(星期日) 二零一六年,一起前往霍利魯德墓園( Holyrood Cemetery)、湖景墓園 (Lake View Cemetery)、萬年青 - 華秀麗墓園 ( Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery) 及 萬柏墓園 (Mt. Pleasant) 拜祭及獻花致敬舍路余氏先人。

Observing Ching Ming

Several members of the Seattle YFT Family Association observed Ching Ming in visiting cemeteries around the Seattle-King County area.

Members participated in the March 20, 2016 visits included Kevin Lee, President, Mr and Mrs De Sum Yee, Advisor, Suey Yee, Advisor, Mr. and Mrs. Yao Dong Yu, Treasurer, and Warren Yee English Secretary.

Cemeteries visited included Evergreen Washelli, Lakeview, Hollyrood and Mt. Pleasant Queen Anne Hill.

Kevin Lee

CACA Trip to Washington, D.C.

Four board members of the Chinese American Citizen Alliance (CACA) Seattle Lodge joined 25 others from CACA lodges around the country for a 5-day whirlwind visit to Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the trip, which began May 1, was to visit congressional members or their staff to advocate for issues that are core national priorities for CACA.

Fred Yee, US YFT Grand Advisor and Seattle Chapter Senior Advisor was one of the twenty plus members of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Leadership Team for the organization's annual advocacy trip to Washington D.C. Fred is on the C.A.C.A. Seattle Lodge Board as Board Secretary and was on the trip representing the Seattle Lodge. With Fred on the trip were Ming-Ming Tung Edelman, Seattle Lodge President, Bettie Luke, Vice President and Cathy Lee, Lodge Treasurer.

During the D.C. trip, team members also attended the 1882 Symposium, the 2016 Military Lunch, and the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Gala at which President Obama was the keynote speaker.

The trip also included a visit with Mr. Martin Gold, author of the book “Forbidden Citizens: Chinese Exclusion and the U.S. Congress, A Legislative History,” a tour of the White House, and a pre-screening reception of the documentary 1882, which will be aired by PBS in June 2017.

Rounding up the itinerary was a visit to the Department of Labor Hall of Honor, which includes the Chinese Railroad Workers and a briefing of the White House Initiative on Asian Pacific Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAPPI) at the Executive Building.

Fred Yee

Memorial Day at Hing Hay Park


On Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, three members of the Seattle YFT Family Association attended the Memorial Day Remembrance at Hing Hay Park in Seattle's Chinatown.

The Cathay Post 186 organized this annual to pay respect to the fallen Chinese American Veterans of World War II. The key note was delivered by Lloyd Hara, former King County Assessor. In addition to the Seattle YFT, the remembrance was attended by members of Chinese community organizations, including such as C.A.C.A Seattle Lodge, Kin On Community Health Care, Chong Wa Benevolent Association, Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Jade Guild, Hop Sing and over 10 Chinese family and fraternal associations.

Fred Yee, Warren Yee and De Sum Yee were the three Seattle YFT members attended and presented flower offering.

Fred Yee

2016 Seattle YFT Annual Picnic and Scholarship Awards





Near 100 Seattle Yee Fung Toy Family Association members and friends were at Woodland Park picnic area #3 for the 62nd Annual Picnic for the association.

Twenty eight scholarship awards were given out to Seattle Yee student members ranging from 3rd grade to college seniors. Members of the Seattle Mah Association and Shui Yuen Tong also took time to attend.

The weather was perfect for the picnic. There were also raffle drawing for cash and non cash prizes.

Association President Kevin Lee and Chinese Secretary Kit Fung Yu were the Master of Ceremony. All had a great time with good food and wonderful company for all.

Fred Yee

Seattle YFT Participates in 2016 Chinatown Sea Fair Parade


Four members, Kevin Lee, Warren Yee, Fred And Clara Yee, of the Seattle YFT Association participated in the 2016 Seattle Chinatown Sea Fair Parade in the evening of July 24.

Over 10 Seattle area family associations and tongs participated in the parade. There were seemingly unending number of wonderful floats in the parade.

South King Street was the main parade route which of packed with onlooking on both sides of the street. The atmosphere was upbeat and everyone seems to enjoy ones the Parade very much.

Fred Yee

2016 Canadian Yee Fung Toy National Convention, Calgary, Alberta


The 17th Canadian Yee Fung Toy National Convention was held from July 29 to August 2, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta.

Fred & Clara Yee represented the Seattle YFT Association at the convention. They are also among 52 delegates and guests from the U.S. at the event. In total, there were over 120 individuals attending with the opening banquet attended by over 400 guests.

The 3 day event was full of activities and festive wonders. Apart from the regular business meetings for the delegates, convention guests enjoyed two days of touring to Drumheller Royal Terrell Museum, Lake Louise, Banff and Bow Fall.

The opening and closing ceremony and banquet were held at the Regency Seafood Restaurant. Ancestral worship was held at the Calgary YFT Association and a visit to the Ma Family Association was made by a number of convention delegates and guests.

The World Yee Web Committee held a meeting with over 20 individuals attended. The next Canadian National Convention was decided to be held in Toronto, Ontario in 2020.

Fred Yee

Seattle YFT members attending 2016 Chong WA Community Picnic


Thirteen members of the Seattle YFT Association attended the 8/21 Chong WA community picnic.

The picnic was held at the Chong WA parking lot with over 10 Chinatown family and community associations and about 100 individual attending the picnic.

Apart from great food, there were performances by Luck Ngai (樂藝音樂劇社) Musical Society and Master David Leong dragon dancers.

Fred Yee

Director General Vincent Yao of Seattle TECO visiting Seattle YFT Family Association


Director-General Vincent Chin Hsiang Yao of TECO Seattle (台北經濟文化辦事處處長 姚金祥) visited the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Family Association on September 19, 2016.

Director Yao is the new Director General for the Seattle TECO office, replacing Director Andy Chin (離任駐西雅圖辦事處處長 金星).

His visit was accompanied by Director Yen of the Seattle TECO Cultural Center(僑教中心主任顏國裕) , Deputy TECO Director Wu (副處長吳鎮祺) and Christin Chou, President of the Taiwan Benevolent Association of Seattle, (臺灣同鄕聯誼會會長劉秦).

Seattle YFT members present included Kevin Lee, Fred Yee, Clara Cheung, Suey Yee, Mr. & Mrs De Sum Yee, Warren Yee and Helen Chin.

Fred Yee

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