An Update on the Seattle YFT House

Dear Seattle YFT members,

I just wanted to give you an update on the Seattle YFT House. We are close to completion, the interior is almost complete, except for some small details, we are completing the external landscaping and hardscape, tentatively we plan to host a members only open house at noon Saturday, July 23, 2022, as we are closer to completion, we will confirm that we want members to see the new house in person before the two units are rented out.


Seattle Yee Fung Toy Family Association
Kevin Lee, President
June 24, 2022


我只係想畀大家介紹吓舍路余風釆堂嘅最新情況。我哋已接近完工,內部幾乎 完成,除了一些小細節外,我哋完成外部景觀美化緊同硬景,暫定我哋計劃喺 2022723 日 禮拜六 中午舉辦會員開放日,因為我哋接近完工,我哋將確認我哋希望成員喺兩個單位出租之前親自睇到新房子。



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